Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The best simplest thing that can happen to you in your normal day, is that u receive an un expected smile, and you feel it right at you. it is of so much comfort to have been smiled to, even if it is from a stranger, or even from something...(it could be surprising!!!)....

the picture above shows a smile of the moon, between 2 poles of the "al-haram masged"...when i whent there about 3 weeks ago, to preform ummrah! i was so happy to be back there, in the holy lands, that it felt as though they were happy too (i know it may sound crazy), but that's how it felt to me!!

There's also something else i would like you to know about me. see i like to notice little things, things maybe alot of other people don't, or to better say, they may notice but don't think much of it, or don't pay it much attention...!

i'm bringing this up because, well, i love coffee, and my coffee loves me!! do i know that?!

i was once having my normal coffee latte, just enjoying it as fully as i could. with a smile on my face. and to my surprise, i noticed my coffee was smiling back at me...(i know this sounds a little crazy too!..but i think it just made my day a little bit more brightful..!)...!

ohhh come on!!!!.....isn't it just cute!!.... ihope after reading this, u start to the way... smiles are infectious, so lets start an epidemic!!!!!!!!!


enlightened spirit said...

I like this view for life :)

dr.butterfly said...

thank you enlightned spirit..!
and don't forget keep smiling:))

Crowded Mind said...

hey you're blogging again
Im so happy for that one of my best best friends came again to be with me here
I like the pics made me remember your call at that horrible day you don't know what meant to me thanks daida thanks so much
I love you girl
fe aman Allah

dr.butterfly said...

hey sweet maya..!! i'm always here foru as much as i possibly can!
and thank u, for everything!

Benghazi Citizen said...

well....that's nice.
i think we forgat how to enjoy the little beutiful things.
it's a shame that we get so absorbed in every day life that we miss such things..
good job
keep it up

dr.butterfly said...

thank you benghazi citizen. and don't forget keep smiling..!

wanie sk said...

HI!!!! the coffee made me smile=)

dr.butterfly said...

thank you wanie!... i know it makes me smile too every time i see it!!

remember keep smiling!! :)