Sunday, April 27, 2008

The parking lot!!!!!

ok... i know all my previouse posts, were about the simple things in life that i find beauty in.

this is a little different, but still there is a beauty in it, i'll explain at the end...!

the other day i was trying to find a parking place, in our university. but it was really difficult, it was like everyone in libya was there!! ... so, i parked at far distance. then when i ran into crowded mind... and she wanted to give me something. " which i thank you sooooo much for sweety!!!!! ... really thoughtfull of you!!" ... " i liked it soooo much, it looked nice in my room, even though it was tiny, it was just sooooo cute!!" ...

anyways, back to the story.
we decided to go put it in my car. it was an extreamly hotttttttttt day, and she insisted to put it in the car. and she wanted to walk to the car with me. i tolled her my car was all the way at the end of the parking lot. but she didn't mind.

on the way to my car, there was an empty parking place closer then the one i had my car in. So, i tolled her if she wouldn't mind standing in that place, (so no other car can park there!!) until i go get my car and move it there!? ... "now i know it sounds crazy...!!" but as crazy as we both are, she didn't mind at all! so i started to run to my car, so that she won't have to stand too long!

the funny thing is, as innocent as she stood there, so seriouse (not the kind a girl, that you would take for a joke)... these guys in their car came and wanted to park in that place.

they looked mature and seiouse (not the type of guys to fool around). so, they politely tolled her to move. my friend knowing why she was standing there in the first place, tolled them very politely: "sorry my friend is coming to park her car here...!". while saying that she felt wierd and a little rude. but she tried to hold back her laugh, so they wouldn't think she was jokking.

ofcousre, they couldn't help themself but laugh..!

that's what i call a human, reserver...!!!!!

but i have to say, the beauty in it, was that my friend was sweet enough to do that for me...! thank you soooooooooooooo much dear! i'll never forget that day ;)...!

Friday, April 25, 2008

The libyan blackout!!

This is not a picture of a light bulb, this is a picture of a full moon, in a pitched black night. Yes, there was no light what so ever. This shot was takken on the 20th of april 2008. Why is this picture importent?!...Why is the date impotent as well?! ... This was the time that the east part of libya experienced what they call a blackout. That is, that the power supply of the east side cities (Benghazi, Breega, Ijdabya... up to Tabrig) got cutt off.
This started around 9:15 pm, and lasted up to 1:30 am or even 3:00 am in some parts.

When i first noticed it i was ok, with the fact it could be just a slight fuse in our building. Until i looked out the window, to find how really dark it was.
When my uncle tolled us how far it was, i started to freak out. ... i was like "i'm to young to die!!". My uncle laughed at me, but tolled him i was serious!!

Ironically, this happend just as i opend my books wanting to study. I tolled my self "clearly, daida, you are not ment to study now!" ... So, there was nothing better to do at that time but to cuddle up in my cozzy bed, and go to sleep (even though it was too early for my bed time) but my brain didn't mind it at all ;)...!!

This second picture, was also takken from my window. If you can notice the cars and the buildings... they were reflecting the moon's light.
as scary as i was. I still thought it was such a beautifull night. Especially when it was over, i whent back to the moment through my thoughts. To think it was a memory of sernity. A time of peace and quiet. And i thank god i had the chance to look out my window, and before i freaked out, i enjoyed the view of pure moonlight light!

for thoes who shared the experience, i hope u noticed the beauty in it...!

i would love to read your comments,,,, so, don't hesitate.
..... Thank you :)...!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

...sharing wisdome!

i believe in these quotes, and i always try to keep them in mind. they help pass the day, and help you help others get through the day as well.... what do you think?!

words of wisdome are to be said softly, for them to be sunken deeply, in order to echo strongly, so that they are not forgotten...! only to be rememberd, so that they can live in you forever..!
because they come from experienced people or theos who know what's best.
.....just thought i'd share a thought..!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

un-noticed beauty...

I was heating up milk, to prepare my coffee one day. i was at my grandpa's house. and i guess as i walked out for just a few seconds, to go get my prefered cup for that time. it seems someone walked in and turned off the lights. i was too concerned about my heating milk i didn't bother to turn on the lights, i just wanted to make sure my milk was still there!
and that's when i saw this beautifull, colorful illumination... to me it was just so beautiful i had to get a shot of it for memory (it sounds wierd, but i admire simple beauty..!)... luckly my mobile was in my pocket!
just look at the colorful flames....see, now that's fire, but no red in it....look at the way the metal burns and reflects a purple glow....
i don't know about you, but to me it looks really nice!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The best simplest thing that can happen to you in your normal day, is that u receive an un expected smile, and you feel it right at you. it is of so much comfort to have been smiled to, even if it is from a stranger, or even from something...(it could be surprising!!!)....

the picture above shows a smile of the moon, between 2 poles of the "al-haram masged"...when i whent there about 3 weeks ago, to preform ummrah! i was so happy to be back there, in the holy lands, that it felt as though they were happy too (i know it may sound crazy), but that's how it felt to me!!

There's also something else i would like you to know about me. see i like to notice little things, things maybe alot of other people don't, or to better say, they may notice but don't think much of it, or don't pay it much attention...!

i'm bringing this up because, well, i love coffee, and my coffee loves me!! do i know that?!

i was once having my normal coffee latte, just enjoying it as fully as i could. with a smile on my face. and to my surprise, i noticed my coffee was smiling back at me...(i know this sounds a little crazy too!..but i think it just made my day a little bit more brightful..!)...!

ohhh come on!!!!.....isn't it just cute!!.... ihope after reading this, u start to the way... smiles are infectious, so lets start an epidemic!!!!!!!!!