Tuesday, April 15, 2008

...sharing wisdome!

i believe in these quotes, and i always try to keep them in mind. they help pass the day, and help you help others get through the day as well.... what do you think?!

words of wisdome are to be said softly, for them to be sunken deeply, in order to echo strongly, so that they are not forgotten...! only to be rememberd, so that they can live in you forever..!
because they come from experienced people or theos who know what's best.
.....just thought i'd share a thought..!!


SarahHamad said...

for real its amazing, mashaAllah, that ur so optimistic and always find the good and pure in the things around u, mashaAllah, may Allah light the path infront of u and lead u to all that is good and pure.... i miss u so much and cant wait to see u, isA it'll be sooner rather than later... the important thing is that u take care and keep ur head up all the time, as a very important person once said 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going' lol and i'm sure ur that kind of person..... yala tc and keep on blogging :)

dr.butterfly said...

thanks sarah!!
ur realy sweet hun!!! ... i'm glad you liked my blog. and i do hope to see you sometime soon!!

take care sweets!!

Asma said...

hey butterfly.. i tried to comment but something went wrong.. so i will say it again.. walahi u have an amazing gift in writing.. seriously mashallah.. please dont ever stop writing.. cuz it would be such a loss to the world..

dr.butterfly said...

thanks asma..!
it's really kind of you to say that!!!
i'm glad you enjoy my posts..!!

take care sweety..lots of love!