Thursday, August 14, 2008


Like i said in my previouse post, i've been away due to studying. thought i'd share these photos with you. see the thing is when i study i drink alot, i mean alot!! and when it's exam time, and i start to panic, that means even more drinking and ofcourse i drink what helps me stay up... one little problem is, when i drink these drinks, i become too high, i can't even stay put and study. i guess i get to hyper!! ... in the photo below, you can see what i mean!!
something doesn't belong here?!?!?
now..!! that's much better!
this was in my friend's car, we had to stop and get our favorite drinks before heading to the library :)... or else our study just wouldn't be complete..!!

This is what i would like to have in my room..!! but the problem is if i did, i would probably end up in the iccu (intensive cardiac care unit)...that is if i'm lucky enough to make it! it looks really nice!!! and very cutely organized!
i'm trying to quite this drink, i know it's not healthy at all. but it's difficult when it helps ease the pain of an exam, or take off the stress right before oral..! "oh god please help me!"
i'm toxicated if it's not the drink, it's coffee or chocolate....
and ofcourse, the major problem with these drinks, is finding a washroom afterwards..!!!!!!
oh well, as long as i'm doing O.K in my exams, then i guess i'm fine for now ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

where was i...?!?

Hello there everyone!! ... i really miss posting, and i miss your comments, i hope you haven't forgotten about me?! because i do confess it's been a while since my last post, and i haven't been on here for quite some time now.
i'm really sorry my friends, but it's because i have started 4th year part 2. which askes more attention from me, and due to all the studying i have been doing, i didn't feel like writting for a while ... but no fear i'm back, and my camera sure didn't stop during this time.. lol..!
i tried loading more photos, but soemthing isn't right... when that something becomes right, i'll be sure to post some photos.. ;)
hope to hear from you my friends, and hope all is well...take care!