Saturday, June 5, 2010

The big 6/6 ...!!

sallam to all my fellow bloggers!!
i know it's been like forever since i last wrote on my blog... and this is random and not of my usual writing.. but i just had to come back to my page and say that this day is an important day in my life and my family's life... this is the day i was BORN!!!
and every year my family talk about my birth and how i came to this world, and how i almost died during the process! and every year when this day comes i feel grateful and happy that i am alive (alhamdo lillah)..!!
this is a special date "6/6" MY BIRTHDAY!!!!... and ever since i opened my eyes to notice i am born on this day, i considered myself special and i believe that anyone born on a date with a nice number is special ;) ... and just so you know i do have a thing for numbers! unique numbers are interesting to me :) "that's just the way i am.. hehehe"

... i forgot to mention that right now i am going through my finals of my last year in medical school. so, if you read this post please include me with at least one prayer, that i make it through! "thank you"... and of course that is also one of the reasons i have paused my writing. this was a long year :S i just hope it ends well!!

take care...