Monday, October 6, 2008

visit part two...!

hey there my friends..! this is the continouation of my previouse post i promissed..!
the photo above shows a picture of the flowers my family greeted me with..! i took many pics of it, but i don't understand why i could only upload 5 photos... does anyone know how i can upload more in one post?!?!...

while i was visiting my family, i was asked to cook fatoor for them... ofcourse i thought i was on a holiday "that means no cooking" and my family haven't tasted much from me since i live far from them. so, they had the idea i didn't know how to cook...?!?! " but the truth was i didn't want to..!! they didn't believe that.. and kept teasing me for not knowing how to cook. i got a little pissed, and tolled them, i'm going to go into the kitchen alone!!! and that i didn't want anyone with me..... "oh ohhhh... wat did i do?!?!" that's wat i thought to myself, after i said that...!

but i kept my promise, and i went into the kitchen almost alone...hehehe "we have a maid, and she doesn't really cook for us but she is used to helping in the kitchen!" so, i let her company me.. after all she might learn a thing from!!!!!

so i cooked... and everything you see in the bottom 2 photos i made...! but to be honest, our maid made the soup, because she didn't really believe me iether, that i was going to cook...! "i don't get these people, is it written on my face?!?!?!....." and i tolled her to make rice, just!!!!!!!

but i made the filfil (stuffed pepers), keemya/mafroom (eggs with ground beef),bofteek (beef steaks), 2 types of salad (normal with cuecomber and the other with eggplant) and fried macarooni.... it sounds like we eat alot, but i was just prooving a point..hehehe!! so, we got stuck with alot of food, hehehe!! and guess wat i did, i prooved my point, and i beat the challenge!!!!!!!

Ofcourse seeing my family was a good thing.... but i was really lucky as well to get a chance to do Omrah!! which made my visit the best!!!...:)

it was very crowded, but i think i was very lucky because i got a chance to go to the bab al-ka3ba (the ka'ba door) and i got the chance to kiss the hagar al-aswad (the black stone).....!

you may think i'm exagerating, but honistly,,, i prayed for you all (my blogger buddies), i won't tell you with wat...?!!?!? so, it can be accepted inshaa allah...! trully i did remember you :)

and for those who never been there, i trully hope you get a chance to go inshaa allah.... it's such an amaizing place, you feel inside your deep soul.... it is such a beatifull feeling, you can't describe!!! wallahi....! allah yarhamna be rahmata inshaa allah!!!

and that was my trip to my family that lasted only 15 days, but it was worth every sec!!!! i can't wait to go see them again. i already miss them...!!!!!

take care my dear bloggers, until i post again...hehe...!