Monday, October 6, 2008

visit part two...!

hey there my friends..! this is the continouation of my previouse post i promissed..!
the photo above shows a picture of the flowers my family greeted me with..! i took many pics of it, but i don't understand why i could only upload 5 photos... does anyone know how i can upload more in one post?!?!...

while i was visiting my family, i was asked to cook fatoor for them... ofcourse i thought i was on a holiday "that means no cooking" and my family haven't tasted much from me since i live far from them. so, they had the idea i didn't know how to cook...?!?! " but the truth was i didn't want to..!! they didn't believe that.. and kept teasing me for not knowing how to cook. i got a little pissed, and tolled them, i'm going to go into the kitchen alone!!! and that i didn't want anyone with me..... "oh ohhhh... wat did i do?!?!" that's wat i thought to myself, after i said that...!

but i kept my promise, and i went into the kitchen almost alone...hehehe "we have a maid, and she doesn't really cook for us but she is used to helping in the kitchen!" so, i let her company me.. after all she might learn a thing from!!!!!

so i cooked... and everything you see in the bottom 2 photos i made...! but to be honest, our maid made the soup, because she didn't really believe me iether, that i was going to cook...! "i don't get these people, is it written on my face?!?!?!....." and i tolled her to make rice, just!!!!!!!

but i made the filfil (stuffed pepers), keemya/mafroom (eggs with ground beef),bofteek (beef steaks), 2 types of salad (normal with cuecomber and the other with eggplant) and fried macarooni.... it sounds like we eat alot, but i was just prooving a point..hehehe!! so, we got stuck with alot of food, hehehe!! and guess wat i did, i prooved my point, and i beat the challenge!!!!!!!

Ofcourse seeing my family was a good thing.... but i was really lucky as well to get a chance to do Omrah!! which made my visit the best!!!...:)

it was very crowded, but i think i was very lucky because i got a chance to go to the bab al-ka3ba (the ka'ba door) and i got the chance to kiss the hagar al-aswad (the black stone).....!

you may think i'm exagerating, but honistly,,, i prayed for you all (my blogger buddies), i won't tell you with wat...?!!?!? so, it can be accepted inshaa allah...! trully i did remember you :)

and for those who never been there, i trully hope you get a chance to go inshaa allah.... it's such an amaizing place, you feel inside your deep soul.... it is such a beatifull feeling, you can't describe!!! wallahi....! allah yarhamna be rahmata inshaa allah!!!

and that was my trip to my family that lasted only 15 days, but it was worth every sec!!!! i can't wait to go see them again. i already miss them...!!!!!

take care my dear bloggers, until i post again...hehe...!



WEDA said...

mashallah..u seem to a be a good cook...really nice fefel is'nt it ???.........thanx alot for your doa''

may said...

ممكن اول مرة نعلق عندك ,,, لكن مدونتك رائعة وممتعة ... وان شاء الله المزيد من الابداع

abdullah SH said...

1stly thanx 4 sharing ths pics `e us .... realy u seems a good cook ..

howmch u take 2 made all ths !!!

may allah accept ur " 3omra "

salam ...

salma said...

nice flowers..
you won that challenge .. you proved that you can cook and it really seems tasty..
may Allah accept you're omrah .. i took omra last year .. it was great sensation .. hope Allah accept it ..
p.s. i have noticed that you name me salam .. i like it but my name is salma.. :)

Meme said...

No no no no u have to profe to us we need to taste your food ! LOL
just kidding.....seriously looks like a very delicious meal -i'm hungry right now-bas wallahi feek el'7eer ....ya3nee you have good intentions .. u wanted to teach the maid how to cook lol
salam and may allah accept your omra.

nasimlibya said...

لالا متعرفيش تطيبي وهذا كله ماشاء الله
روحك عالية الباين
نبي نذوق فلفل اوك اهو نستنا في الموافقة
ربيميحرمنا من ادراجتك يارب
وعيدك طيب وايامك طيبة يارب

Benghazi Citizen said...

wow,,that really looks nice....
so u do KNOW how to cook,that's a real surprise(lol)
i'm only teasing you..
thank you dear friend for including us in your prayers..May Allah accept yoou 3omra and bless you and your family..
best regards

CrowdedMind said...

Hey girl
Thanks so much for your du3a

you did all of that masha Allah
you should teach me

I like what you wrote in my book today I really do as I promised I'll take pics for my dolap to show your old memories so funny

glad to be together again at the same hospital usin the same park heheh

fe aman Allah

Anonymous said...

Hi dr.butterfly,
nice post, you seem 2 be a good cook, and u r really so lucky 2 get the chance 2 go 2 omra, really i wish 2 visit it oneday, and bark Allah feky 4 ur du3a May Allah accept it,

dr.butterfly said...

hey weda!!
no thanks for the do3a..and i'm happy to know you think my felfel looks nice.hehe!!
take care!


hey may!!
thank you for passing by and leaving your comment. i'm glad you enjoyed my blogg... hope to see you back here again..!
take care!


hey abdullah sh!!
i'm happy you think i'm a good cook..
and wallahi it didn't take much time for me to make this food!
to be honist, i couldn't sleep that night,i kept thinking about wat am i going to cook...hehehe!
so, i woke up early and started to cook really fast before i fall asleep due to the lack of!!
thank you...and take care!

dr.butterfly said...

hey salma!!

i know your name is salma, i just keep tyoing it wrong when i type fast...hehehe sorry!!
i'm glad you liked the flowers. and yes i won the challenge..hehe!!
omrah, gives such a nice feeling, every year i do one or two al-hamdo lillah! i kinda got addicted!

take care!

dr.butterfly said...

hey meme!!
you just come, and i will not gasser ma3aki. i will cook for you to taste yourself..hehehe
i'm glad you think it looks i made you hungery, that has to be a good sign..hehe!
take care!

dr.butterfly said...

hey nasimlibya!!
thank you, it'll be my pleasure to cook something for you... you just come wa ana tawa ingoom bilwagib, inshaa allah..:)
i didn't think i cook like that either, i myself was surprized..hehe!!

thank you again,, allah yafkak..take care!

dr.butterfly said...

hey B.C!!!
i was surprised too when i noticed how well it turned out...hehe "and i wasn't teasing!"

no thanks for the prayers!!..but thank you for you kindness.

take care!

dr.butterfly said...

hey sarora s.k!!
wa feeki barak allah..!
inshaa allah one day you will go there, just keep wanting it, it will then want you and allah will sakhir inshaa allah!! is a good feeling..!
thank you for thinking i'm a god cook. if you ever go to do omrah, you are more then welcome to visit my family there...and i might just cook for you...hehehe!

take care!

dr.butterfly said...

hey maya!!
i'm glad you liked wat i wrote for you today..hehe! brings back good old memories, before we got into groups and parted...yes i am very happy we are together in the same hospital... it is really fun being around you again!!!!...;)

don't thank me for te do3a, this is min al-wajib my dear!!
maybe if you come over some day..i'll cook for you to taste my cooking...hehehe!!

take care..!

Motherland said...

زهور جميلة وربى يخليلك أسرتك ,الاكل يبدو شهى صحة انشالله بس العبرة بالخواتيم كلو اهلك بشهية ولا جاملوكى مجاملة ,وبارك الله فيك على الدعاء وجزاك الله خيرا ,وتمنياتى بالنجاح والتوفيق.

Best regardS

dr.butterfly said...

hey motherland!!
thank you... and yes they ate without mojamala..hehehe, my mom did have some comments. but after all she is my mom "the best cook i ever met...!" (not just because she's my mom..trully)
otherwise all was fine...hehehe!

take care..!

Asma said...

i love the flowers!!! thats so sweet ure parents greeted u with them.. see you tomorrow sweetie

dr.butterfly said...

thank you asma!!!

enlightened spirit said...

waw ... I can't believe that u rememberd us, that is so nice, and inshaAllah raby yatagabel mennek, not just for u but also for us, so ur do3a for us will be answered :)

I have been once there,but before I know the blogger world. It wasn't in Ramadan, so it was so easy to touch al7ajar, not once but twice, but the first one was the best, oh u remind me of those beautiful moments that was a great experience. I wish if I can have a chance to repeat it.

of course u r a good cooker, all medical students r great cooker coz everybody think they r not, so they have to work hardly to prove the reverse ... hah

glad u have had sometime with ur faimly, Ramadan is very hard away from them.

take care
keep this page rolling..

hsu said...

Hello Daida,

I wish I could feel inside deep soul of me just like you felt one day.

Ur Taiwanese friend Chrystal

Benghazi Citizen said...

happy Eid for u and ur family
best regards

زنوبيا الشهيبي said...

the challenge!

that a thing good

don't give up OK
I want challenge my self to the smart

any way

thank u to visit