Thursday, September 25, 2008

my visit...:)

Hello there my dear bloggers! i've been away due to the fact that i was very busy during this ramadhan. since i don't live near my nuclear family, i have been trying to find a flight to go visit them this month (it's not the same without them!!)... i had trubble at first, but thank god (allah faragha!). it's because all the flights were booked, and if i left i and wanted to attend eid with them i would have to reaturn late, so late, my university would have already started..! so i found an early return and was hoping when i get there maybe i can extend it. to me at that moment was "just get me out of here and to my family, even for one day, i'd be happy!"

so, al-hamdo lillah my friend that works in egypt-air got me a flight that left on the 6th of sep. and the return was on the 21st... and saddly i couldn't stay longger, again there were no flights. but as long as i got to see my family and spent which was about 15 days with them. i consider i blessing.

Ofcourse, i had to break my fasting in the airport (i was going via cairo)... and i met this nice kind lady that was going on the same flight as mine with her husband. so, we had fatoor together! it was nice because we both had something packed from home with us, and we shared it... as well as the airport was handing out meals for the transite people... and there was my favorite shop "cinnabon!!!!!!" so ofcourse i treated myself and not to be rude the kind lady and man with me. but because i finally had my fatoor, and i was feeling all awake and i guess excited about my favorite drink. i kind of got a little high!!!!! "0ops!" and started to talk to the lady about how much i love this which she found a bit wierd, because it was cold coffee (cappiciano, with caremel and a swiral of chocolate) and there was no shutting me up.... like i said before cafine is not good for me, coz i'm like border line, i have way too much in my system!! "but that's not our topic!

anyways, to make the story short... i reached my family safe and sound, and they were waiting for me with flowers in their hands... seriously they had a necklase with real flowers on it, which they wore me as i arrived. it was a kodak moment...tears and laughter!!

i'll type about it with pics in my next post!!.... wait for more imbarasing moments, and wat kind of challange i was put up to..!!!! salam to all..;)