Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Me and My dad...!!

During my holiday in Toronto with my dad, he decided to take me to a theater called "Stage west"... actually it's a hotel, that has a theater as well. Anyways, at first i didn't think i would like the show that much. they served dinner first, which was an open buffey...and please alow me to say, the food was just, soooo amazing.... and the cakes.. ohhhh it was so difficult to make choices!!!.. but i didn't have to, coz i could take watever i wanted!!!....

And when the show started... which was called "Mid life!"... it was even more enjoyable!!! it was a comedy about the mid-life and what exactly happends. i really liked it, and i was soo happy my dad had brought me here, as i can see in his eyes the same!.... so, i wanted to thank him (although no matter wat i did, it's not enough). so, i called upon one of the waiters and wrote a note on a peice of paper...and just before the show started it was on the sceens they had on the side of the stages. so, everyone saw it!!....and the message said: "Thank you daddy, I love you.. ur daughter, Daida!" my dad's eyes just glowed when he saw it!! he was sooo happy and surprized too! i felt like i was about to cry!!!

i love my dad, and whenever it's just me and him, there's always an adventure...!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Making decisions..!

I always wonderd, if the decision i made by going to medical school was mine. Somehow it seems to me that i'm really bad at making decisions, i find it very difficult!! ...My university started, and i am late...but i'm not missing anything importent, or so was tolled. the reason is, i haven't been to canada (m home town) in 3 and 1/2 years, and i finally got the chance to go, so i did, after alot of thinking that is. now after one week being here i kinda fel guilty, for not being there. so, i decidide to cut my holiday short. but then agian, after thinking some more, i was like...i'm finally here, and only god knows when exactlly i'll be back here again, plus my new year is about 17 months of studying...so i said: since i came this far, there's no reason for me to stop now, after all it's just another week and then i'm back!!.. but let me tell u that was really hard to make , and i still feel wierd about my decision, i guess i won't know if it was the good or the bad one, until i'm back there....oh and by the way, i'm studying in libya, soooooo!!!! i hope u know what i mean!

i guess it's just kind of difficult to make a dicision, the what you want comes with uncomfortable consequences, but i guess when u make them u have to accept them?!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Me and butterflies...

I have this thing for butterflies, i fancy them very much!... and i was tolled more then once, that if someone where to discribe me, they would simply say...""You are so like a BUTTERFLY!!""

and as i look into my life from my point of view, i think, since a butterfly has a short life, in it's way of transporting from one flower to another, my life is similar to that... in that, i keep moving around from one city to another!

i don't really know how to say it, but i had to believe that i could go by the butterfly as a discription, due to the fact that many people have said that to me....some i know well, and others very breifly!!!

but i still love butterflies even if i am nothing like them, they are soo simple, pure and most of all, before they became so beautifull they were catterpillers!!!...it shows a lessan in life...i will not mention it, it's for u to figure it out for urself!!