Friday, February 13, 2009

young doctors..?!?

This was such a cute pose i couldn't help but post it up for everyone to see, and make people remember the innocence of some children that can simply draw a smile on our faces.
This is a pic of my cousin and his friend (nieghbour)!! i was over at my uncil's house and thier nieghbour came over so i can check her blood pressure. it's sweet how little kids watch and copy..!
makes you think... one should be aware of what they do infront of kids! they watch and learn "very quick"..!

i thought i'd keep this photo until they growup, and if they do become doctors, it would be a nice memory.. they took turns being the doctor..hehe ... (but i thought this looked so real..hehehe!

.... sallam, and take care my friends!

Monday, February 2, 2009

pictures for the "How cute...!" post:

... for some reason i couldn't uplaod them all in one post... so, here are the rest of them...!
wat a wonderful job they've done... hehehehe!!

i'm loving it... i was mad at first, but when i knew the kids did it out of love... i was more then happy... wallahi it was such a great feeling....!!!!

this is after i got my car washed... it was a good feeling too!
know one would know wat happend to my car.. they probabbly though i washed it myself. i can tell from they weird looks i got while i was driving around... i rememeber one guy, forgot to go when the light turned green, cause he was to busy looking at my car and laughing...!! that didn't bother me, cause i knew what he didn't know... the love that was all over my car.. :)
before you go thinking i'm a showoff, and think i'm thinking of myself as a princess... that liscence plate was giving to me as a gift from my dad. he allways says i'm his little princess "which i am..:P" i know... now most of you are thinking ( wat a daloo3a!!! "wat a spoiled brat") which i'm not!!!.... i'm just fun...!!!!! hehehehehe
...yes i'm the butterfly that drives around....!!!!!

take care, my friends....!

How cute...!

...This happened to me a few months back, i just somehow forgot to share this innocent and quit cute incidence with you all. there's a picture of my car ... and like you've noticed, it's not in a clean condition. that is only because a few days before this shot, there was 3ajaj (a sand storm). and all the cars were covered with red sand. but after the storm has calmed down, many have washed there cars... i had no reason to leave my house, so i didn't get it washed.

the next day in the morning i was surprised to have found my car in this condition!! it seems though someone washed it "but didn't do a good job!"

a young man saw me looking at my car in wonder, so he came up to me and said that he saw young kids wash my car.....?!?!

when he explained to me how they look like.... i immediately knew who they were..!

they were my neighbourhood kids that i give candy to them once and a while. they are such adorable kids! "i don't know their families.." ...!

ofcourse, when i saw them i asked them "who washed my car?..." they thought i was mad, and didn't want to tell me... but they tolled me they would find out who..hehehe!!

i tolled them "i'm not mad, but infact i would thank the person who did it, and that he/she should be rewarded for their hard work.. lol!" ... the next day a boy came up to me and said his older brother washed my car (which by the way wasn't older than 10 years..i'm guessing!)... so, i gave him candy and some money, to give to his brother ..(as if..!!!lol!!) and tolled him to tell him "thank you, but i would like it if they would keep my car as it is..with a smile"

.. the boy tolled me "we like'd you and we wanted to surprise you with our little gift (car"

they seariously mad my day that day...... i mean how CUTE is that....!!!!!!!

ofcourse i washed my car after wards.. but i kept it like that, that day and the day after. so the children wpouldn't get offended..!!!

....... i love kids, and their innocence!! you just can't get enough of it....!