Monday, February 2, 2009

pictures for the "How cute...!" post:

... for some reason i couldn't uplaod them all in one post... so, here are the rest of them...!
wat a wonderful job they've done... hehehehe!!

i'm loving it... i was mad at first, but when i knew the kids did it out of love... i was more then happy... wallahi it was such a great feeling....!!!!

this is after i got my car washed... it was a good feeling too!
know one would know wat happend to my car.. they probabbly though i washed it myself. i can tell from they weird looks i got while i was driving around... i rememeber one guy, forgot to go when the light turned green, cause he was to busy looking at my car and laughing...!! that didn't bother me, cause i knew what he didn't know... the love that was all over my car.. :)
before you go thinking i'm a showoff, and think i'm thinking of myself as a princess... that liscence plate was giving to me as a gift from my dad. he allways says i'm his little princess "which i am..:P" i know... now most of you are thinking ( wat a daloo3a!!! "wat a spoiled brat") which i'm not!!!.... i'm just fun...!!!!! hehehehehe
...yes i'm the butterfly that drives around....!!!!!

take care, my friends....!


Nasimlibya said...

:) very nice


dr.butterfly said...

thank you nasimlibya!!
ver nice of you, i do apreaciate your comments very much..!


abdullah SH said...

ths `s ur car & u can do wat u want ....

iam just feeling jealous toward my car cuz one per yr hve washing LOL

tc when u drive


the "I" that's me said...

awwwww this is a very cute story!!
they are really cute :)
enjoy your driving & be safe :)

dr.butterfly said...

thank u abullah...!

and thank you "I".... i'm glad you liked the story!