Friday, February 13, 2009

young doctors..?!?

This was such a cute pose i couldn't help but post it up for everyone to see, and make people remember the innocence of some children that can simply draw a smile on our faces.
This is a pic of my cousin and his friend (nieghbour)!! i was over at my uncil's house and thier nieghbour came over so i can check her blood pressure. it's sweet how little kids watch and copy..!
makes you think... one should be aware of what they do infront of kids! they watch and learn "very quick"..!

i thought i'd keep this photo until they growup, and if they do become doctors, it would be a nice memory.. they took turns being the doctor..hehe ... (but i thought this looked so real..hehehe!

.... sallam, and take care my friends!


Nasimlibya said...

future in kids'eyes

i like it

may said...

مستقبل زاهر

يا رب نشوفوهم زى ما يحبوا

وخيتك مى

Meme said...

Nice Picture...
i have not seen till now any kid that is not interested in stethoscope including me when i was a kid ..but believe me it does not necessary mean that this intrest is going to last forever...{i'm a live example!}

salma said...

the happiness and the smile on their faces..the excitement in their eyes are priceless..may Allah bless them
oo yesero dr. 2ad aldonya

dr.butterfly said...

thank you nasim libya...!
i like your sentence!

dr.butterfly said...

thank you may... ameen!!
i'll just watch and see!!

dr.butterfly said...

thank you meme!
it's true.. but you never know..?!?
i wanted to be a princess.. hehehe i have acomplished that to my own basis that!

i'll just keep the pic for them to see iether way..!

dr.butterfly said...

thank you salma!
you discription of them is soo specific... you see purity in their eyes, simple tender smiles... I LOVE KIDS!!

Benghazi Citizen said...

First ,good luck with your exams ,,may Allah Almighty grant you the focus and serinity you need..I'm sure your efforts will be rewarded..
second ,what a lovely picture you posted...
It reminded me of my own childhood ,the thing is ,i never dreamed of being a doctor..I had my own lab set ..test tubes ,wires ,microscope..all needed for achieving my dream then: i'll be a physist and then an anstraunut...lololol...of course there was a time when i thought i will be manibulating DNA for dinasaurs to walk the earth agai..
Here i am 2o some thing years later ,spending nights and days (curing) the ill ,and (reliefing ) the pain...sighhhh...
sweet children God bless them
Thank you..

dr.butterfly said...

thank you b.c!
wow an asturnut... that's really something!! but i'm sure wat you are now beats everything else.. healing and relieving pain is not easy but much more rewared the dinasourse walking on earth again!

i myself didn't want to be a doctor. a lawyer, an ice-skater, a bellarena, the closest was being a dentist... i even tried to be a princess.. until i realized i must be born one (that's when i blamed my father and my mom too...hehe) i know it sounds crazy! but when i was a kid, others thought it was cute..hehehe (now it's plain stupid..hehe)

anyways, that was my emarrasing moment of the!

but as for these kids, allah yaftah 3alihom wa ya36eehom ilee feeh el-khair!!

and thank you once again for your comment!!.. i wish you all the best of success in you work life, and wat comes after..!


the "I" that's me said...

this pic put a smile on my face, thank you :)

Asma said...

hey butterfly..
i love the picture.. walahi u take the best photos. :) i miss u sooo much.. and cant wait to raise my hands maurice when i see u ;)

J said...

I am so proud of you!!!!
this is what i call ( the butterfly effect )....
i love all what you have wrote...

the sequence of ideas and matters are great;;;

i like it all around ...JALAL :)

dr.butterfly said...

thank you jalal...!
that was really nice of you to say, i'm glad you liked it...!!

wooow, you read it all... well, i'm glad you enjoyed it!!

take care,

Lebeeya said...

LOL love the pic!

Mike Messerli said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Of course you can use anything I post. Feel free to copy anything that will help others. Thanks, Mike

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