Saturday, June 5, 2010

The big 6/6 ...!!

sallam to all my fellow bloggers!!
i know it's been like forever since i last wrote on my blog... and this is random and not of my usual writing.. but i just had to come back to my page and say that this day is an important day in my life and my family's life... this is the day i was BORN!!!
and every year my family talk about my birth and how i came to this world, and how i almost died during the process! and every year when this day comes i feel grateful and happy that i am alive (alhamdo lillah)..!!
this is a special date "6/6" MY BIRTHDAY!!!!... and ever since i opened my eyes to notice i am born on this day, i considered myself special and i believe that anyone born on a date with a nice number is special ;) ... and just so you know i do have a thing for numbers! unique numbers are interesting to me :) "that's just the way i am.. hehehe"

... i forgot to mention that right now i am going through my finals of my last year in medical school. so, if you read this post please include me with at least one prayer, that i make it through! "thank you"... and of course that is also one of the reasons i have paused my writing. this was a long year :S i just hope it ends well!!

take care...


Meme said...

long time no see doctora
first of all happy birthday may the next years of your life be full of joy and success...second i wish you inshalla all the luck in your exams..we will be waiting for your return.

dr.butterfly said...

thank you meme!!!
i hope inshaa allah this will be a great year for me!
and inshaa allah, i hope i do well in my exams (allah yuster)..!!


may said...

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

عودة محمودة

والله ليك وحشة

وكل عام وانت من الله اقرب


dr.butterfly said...

tislami okhtee may!!
wa inti tayba inshaa alllah!

Super-Ego said...

slamat ya doctora ..

happy birthday ,and I wish the success in your exams.I still remember your car,I met it before more than once,but always alone.


dr.butterfly said...

hello there super-ego!!
i'm guessing you are "motherland"..?

thank you for your kind wishes :)

and yes my car told me she ran into you too... hehehehe
interesting, that you keep running into my car (was it at laithee as well?) .. anyways, if it's not alone you are more than welcome to say hello!!

take care,

abdullah SH said...

happy-b-day wish all ur dreams comes true & goodluck in ur finals the dreams comes true


dr.butterfly said...

thank you abdullah...
i hope your dreams come true too

take care,