Sunday, January 25, 2009

Don't stop here..

hello there my dear blogger friends!!
it's been such a very long time since my last blog. i do appoligize for that. but i'm sure you'll understand when i say i'm in the middle of my finals (my never ending finals!!) ... they have started since the 25th of jan and end by the mid of march..!
i was reading a forward message and i came upon this photo, and i thought to myself: "you don't need to write anything under this photo, i mean the picture speaks for itself"
sooo, i was wondering wat do you think this nice photo says to you?!...
i would like to know your opinion, please... thank you!!
take care all of you.. and i wish you all the success in watever everyone is doing...!


Nasimlibya said...

Nothing is impossible

Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it

Meme said...

no limitation maybe....

welcome back and may allah be with you

may said...

اهلن بعودتك

انتظرنها كثيرا


حسيت بيها

لنه هل اللحظة مرت عليا

هلبة مرات

وفى مواقف


Anglo-Libyan said...

There is no place like home :o)

Motherland said...

سلام دكتورة عاش من شافك ... اولا نتمنالك التوفيق فى دراستك ...بالنسبة للصورة زى ماقلتى تكلم عن نفسها واضح ان الكباية تمت ضيقة عالجماعة فقالو للسمكة الصغيرة المهبعة انت رشيقة ماشالله عليكى كذا ازقبى للاناء الكبير فيها جو راهو زقبت المسكينة واضح انها حولة توااطيح برا والقطوس يرجى الله يرحمها ...

نبصر معاكى بالنسبة لى الصورة هذى تعبر عن الطموح فى اقصى عنفوانه.

Best regardS

dr.butterfly said...

thank you nasim libya!!
i like you opinion.. although i'm think i'm the dreaming only with out the sleeping..!!lol

dr.butterfly said...

thanks meme!!
i'm happy i'm back i miss you guys!!

dr.butterfly said...

thank you may for your comment!
so, you know how it feels.. it's talking to you laod and!!

dr.butterfly said...

hey there anglo-libyan!!
thanks for your comment.. but i think home would be the lake ..?!?
unless your expressing that she went to visit the nieghbours and went!

dr.butterfly said...

hey there mother land!!
funny way of thinking, but plz don't kill the one with!

thank you for your kind wishes..plz pray for me..!

i like ur opinoin .. thank you!!

dusk till dawn said...

its such deep feelings , its hard to work it out, all depends on how u like to see it, u seem u just flow away and nedded of a fresh breath of air ,its funny u left two golden fishes behind? is that ur final exam papers. gd luck and nice to see u back. the other way i see it ur punching the air with happiness and not thing gonna stop u .

dr.butterfly said...

thank you dtd for your opinion... i like the puching the sky..!

i miss reading your comments, but i guess that is my delay...hehe!


CrowdedMind said...


misssss youuuuuuuuuu

dr.butterfly said...


i misss you tooooooo... i'll see you when i see you with the eyes...heheheh!

take care!

Motherland said...

وين زمان يامايا افتقدناك بصدق ...بس مافهمتش على اساس انت والفراشة زملاء دراسة ...عموما انشاء الله تكونى بخير ونشوفو موضوعاتك من جديد ورسوماتك ايضا.

Best regardS

dr.butterfly said...

yes mother land maya and i are very good friends.. and we study together in the same year too!!

maya is a girl to love..."i'm not joking...!!"


Motherland said...

دكتورة ليش العصبية فى لهجتك انا ماقلتش شى, مستغرب بس الشوق الحار الى بينكم رغم اعتقادى انكم تشوفو فى بعضكم يومى والشوق واضح من طريقة كتابتكم....وبعدين من قال ان مايا ماتنحبش بالعكس واضح من صورتها ان اى واحد يشوف الصورة متاعتها يقول اعوذ قصدى ماشاء الله محلاها....نبصر بس والله عجبتنى واجد الصورة نحس فيها تعبر عن شخصيتها.
وعموما ربى يخليكم لبعض يادكتورة وخلى عندك روح رياضية.

Best regardS

dr.butterfly said...

hey there motherland..!
who ever said i was mad.. bil3aks, i'm very happy you noticed that maya and i are good friends. i guess typed words sometimes can't give a good expresion... i'm not mad at all...:D :P :D

maya and i don't see eachother that much anymore :(.... but yes the pic that she has up is very similar to her..hehehe "i say this with love"

anyways, motherland..i'm sorry if you miss-understood me, but i hope i got it clear now.. that i wasn't mad ... i just always type with "!".. it's just a part of me "i guess it's cause i'm always excited..hehehe!!

take care..