Friday, April 25, 2008

The libyan blackout!!

This is not a picture of a light bulb, this is a picture of a full moon, in a pitched black night. Yes, there was no light what so ever. This shot was takken on the 20th of april 2008. Why is this picture importent?!...Why is the date impotent as well?! ... This was the time that the east part of libya experienced what they call a blackout. That is, that the power supply of the east side cities (Benghazi, Breega, Ijdabya... up to Tabrig) got cutt off.
This started around 9:15 pm, and lasted up to 1:30 am or even 3:00 am in some parts.

When i first noticed it i was ok, with the fact it could be just a slight fuse in our building. Until i looked out the window, to find how really dark it was.
When my uncle tolled us how far it was, i started to freak out. ... i was like "i'm to young to die!!". My uncle laughed at me, but tolled him i was serious!!

Ironically, this happend just as i opend my books wanting to study. I tolled my self "clearly, daida, you are not ment to study now!" ... So, there was nothing better to do at that time but to cuddle up in my cozzy bed, and go to sleep (even though it was too early for my bed time) but my brain didn't mind it at all ;)...!!

This second picture, was also takken from my window. If you can notice the cars and the buildings... they were reflecting the moon's light.
as scary as i was. I still thought it was such a beautifull night. Especially when it was over, i whent back to the moment through my thoughts. To think it was a memory of sernity. A time of peace and quiet. And i thank god i had the chance to look out my window, and before i freaked out, i enjoyed the view of pure moonlight light!

for thoes who shared the experience, i hope u noticed the beauty in it...!

i would love to read your comments,,,, so, don't hesitate.
..... Thank you :)...!


meluran said...

a pellucid presentation of your feelings about the night. Take care of the spellings while you are writing (though I am not sure whether you did it intentionally).

enlightened spirit said...

I love ur thoughts.
I alwayes enjoy the blackouts as long as it did't last too long, I prefer to light up a candle instead of torch battery, and spend the time either meditating , or playing with the candle's shadows.

keep blogging girl, I like ur insight.

dr.butterfly said...

thank you both, meluran and enlightend spirit...!
i'm glad you saw understand the beauty i tried to discribe..!

Crowded Mind said...

at that i day
I slept !!
I didn't see the moon
I didn't see anything
just I slept
good to see you today daido and where is that post !!!

fe aman Allah

dr.butterfly said...

i'm working on it... maya!
and i know u slept... "u don't care about moon, u care about sleeping?!"
take care!

3abtash said...

i heard about it from all the guyz...rabi ikoon fi 3oonkum wallahi.
i remember once in eastren canada there was a 2 day blackout..very scary...

Benghazi Citizen said...

wowq,,i didnt hear of that.i've been out side libya for few weeks now,interesting...

wasn't there any explaination of why??

dr.butterfly said...

welll... BC alot of people sad weird stuff. you know how rumers are here in libya!!

my uncle is a electricle engineer, and i would go with his words (they seem more convencing) ... he says it was a fuse that hit 3 energy generators, one after the other. because they were somewhat connected to eachother, or something like that!

inshaa allah it won't happen again!!