Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Me and My dad...!!

During my holiday in Toronto with my dad, he decided to take me to a theater called "Stage west"... actually it's a hotel, that has a theater as well. Anyways, at first i didn't think i would like the show that much. they served dinner first, which was an open buffey...and please alow me to say, the food was just, soooo amazing.... and the cakes.. ohhhh it was so difficult to make choices!!!.. but i didn't have to, coz i could take watever i wanted!!!....

And when the show started... which was called "Mid life!"... it was even more enjoyable!!! it was a comedy about the mid-life and what exactly happends. i really liked it, and i was soo happy my dad had brought me here, as i can see in his eyes the same!.... so, i wanted to thank him (although no matter wat i did, it's not enough). so, i called upon one of the waiters and wrote a note on a peice of paper...and just before the show started it was on the sceens they had on the side of the stages. so, everyone saw it!!....and the message said: "Thank you daddy, I love you.. ur daughter, Daida!" my dad's eyes just glowed when he saw it!! he was sooo happy and surprized too! i felt like i was about to cry!!!

i love my dad, and whenever it's just me and him, there's always an adventure...!


قلب كبير said...

علاقتك بوالدك جميلة جدا
حفظه الله لك من كل مكروه

Benghazi Citizen said...

Hello,i was searching for bloggers from benghazi,and here we are..Good to know u r a colleague too,a younger colleague but yet..
Any way..nice post..Ur relationship with ur father is really beutiful....Hope God bless u both...
Benghazi Citizen

Maya said...

That damn surgery took you from us
hows the hospital going with you ? I moved to 7th oct hospital
wish to see you soon daida
fe aman Allah your super model

LoveLyH said...

I ask allah to Save your Father & mother To you.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Happy Eid
May Allah Almighty grant you and your family peace of mind and well being
Benghazi Citizen

LoveLyH said...

Happy Eid

LoveLyH said...

Happy new year,all the best wishes to you and All your family in 2008.
I hope all your deams and wishes come true.

فراشـة said...

السلام عليكم

دكتورة فراشة


weda said...

hi daeda i'm weda i hhhhhhhhope 2 visit my blog
ur blog is sooooooooooooooo wonderful so i hope 2 b 1 day like urs

dr.butterfly said...

thank you soo much all of you, trully appreacited your kind wishes and you soft comments!!
take care!